Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The arrival of Marcelino to Racing. The eternity of the Sporting Preciado


Following the dismissal of Miguel Angel Portugal as coach of Racing Santander, Syed Ali said that the fans of El Sardinero would coach they wanted. That was Marcelino Garcia Toral, and India has delivered the technical signing the Spaniard said Wednesday.

Marcelino left a good memory in Santander after his excellent 2007/2008 season, which put the team in Europe and reached the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. But some will also remember with pain, which ultimately chose to sign for a season of second division Zaragoza instead of walking to Cantabrians Europe for the first time in its history. Marcelino's arrival is great news for Racing, since we are talking about an excellent coach, but will be difficult to reach the complicity and confidence of the past.

The side effect of signing the Racing Marcelino has been in Gijón, Gijon where the fans have felt cheated. A month ago, with Manolo Preciado practically out of the Sporting, the club felt around the signing of Marcelino. A coach who was released with Sporting, who knows the house, which professes Gijon. However, for various reasons, declined the offer. That would not be attributable, if it were not for all those reasons that made him refuse to Sporting-template with little prospect of reinforcing failure, bad situation ... the table - you have not been imported to play for Racing.

In the press conference of his presentation was asked about the following topics:

Racing come because, unlike the Sporting, here I have no fear of failure

And one wonders, how would you have sat these statements to racinguista? Maybe I'm wrong, but I say it sounds like: if under here I do not care, but low in Gijón crucify me. No words are very appropriate to be presented by a new club.

I can be called scary or wimp, but it's reality

Yes, it is reality. The feeling in Gijón is that it was a coward. It has preferred to go easy on him instead of fighting for the team that supposedly is in his heart. And I doubt if they have signed for Sporting, and have not been able to save, The Molinón had directed their criticism of Marcelino, provided there was given the all or nothing.

Fortunately, gave Sporting a new opportunity to Precious and the Spaniard responded by chaining December 10 consecutive points. Without being in the house, Preciado is a technician fully identified with the club. That has its limitations, the faux pas, and his mistakes, but you can not criticize their dedication and struggle for Sporting.

Seeing how Preciado succeeds where others like Marcelino not have the guts to get, does nothing but magnify the work of Manolo. At the end of the season we will look at the leaderboard. Perhaps we see a second division Sporting. Perhaps coaching change. But one thing is clear: Manolo Preciado everlasting from Gijon.

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