Monday, 28 February 2011

And the Oscar goes to ... David Navarro!

For his role trabajadísimo assaulted when in fact he was the one true aggressor, Storytellers Football Academy has agreed to reward the prize David Navarro Caradura the month of February for his immense performance in 'You hit me and me hurts me. " His memorable role has gained in strength in the 'List CAFR 2011' and in just 24 hours and was placed as a favorite for the annual award. At this time already received several offers from schools of interpretation for a series of masterclass and it looks like his performance in the Cathedral will become part of the curriculum of the AFC.

What we saw last night is worthy of study. First play of the second half. The Athletic Club, after removing the center, hangs a ball into the pot looking for the head of Fernando Llorente. David Navarro, captain of Valencia, jump with him and gives him an elbow just behind the ear that causes the rojiblanco a gap to be closed in situ with several staples. The elbow, of which there is no doubt that it is made with every intention, affects a very dangerous area, but here to avoid speculating about the potential damage that could have provoked, the end of the day what matters is that it is perfectly Llorente .

What makes this something special nudge-nudge way, more or less violent, they are all weekends, is the subsequent action that was long an inspired David Navarro. The Buenos Aires, that the launch does not take any shot, aware of the savagery that had to commit, attempt to deceive the referee (and get) pretending that the incident had left him as much or more damage to the victim. Valencia's interpretive skills are so extraordinary that the role he plays is one of the greatest tour de force ever seen in a Spanish stage.

Valencia histrionic actor got the role both to begin with is still lying on the grass when Llorente, bleeding from the head, and stands to leave the band to clean your wound and stapled the gap. But the genius of Navarro still had much to offer: when it is taken off the field by team medical team, pulled nearly three minutes being treated for his shot to complete his pantomime imagination as God intended. Once finished off his performance, he returned to the field like that, because, as you know, the referee did not pull or yellow when his action was worthy of expulsion without any hint of doubt.

To justify their miserable act, calls Navarro attend the leg how they ended their peers . An allegation that could not be more counterproductive to their interests: the last time it was erected in defense of lawsuits poor, ended up being punished by UEFA with a suspension of seven months. Not surprisingly, the most famous moment of his career is not a goal scored, or a memorable defensive performance or anything, its minute seen is that cowardly attack from behind Burdisso and his eventual escape to the den.

After that unfortunate event, Navarro was loaned to Mallorca and really thought he had finally matured. At least I thought so, and I saw something very positive that the Valencia decided to return to give him another chance. His appointment as captain appeared to confirm the change for the better, but seeing as seen yesterday, one can not help thinking that there are people that never changes. Because not only is the dangerous elbow itself, which can escape even the most devious, the ignominy of the matter is all that is marked Paripe later to disguise and impersonating a victim.

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