Monday, 14 February 2011

Again, the epic

If there is any situation in which Real Madrid is very comfortable with the discomfort. A counter, the white team likes to roll up and paddle against the difficulty in achieving its objectives. Today was, however, a day with a tailwind after the draw of Barcelona in El Molinón Madrid which left the team with the opportunity to cut distances that many already considered insurmountable, but again came up the hill in the second minute of party to the expulsion of Casillas. Like Al Pacino in one of his last films, Madrid had 88 minutes of difficulties reaching their goal. After the 0-1 achieved in Cornellá against Espanyol are now five points that separate targets Barca. Difficult but not impossible.

In the aforementioned second minute of the game, Casillas was the second red of his career when Lane came only to their domains. The goalkeeper came out to meet with the misfortune to hit and knock the attacker out of the area. Thus Adam became a bowlegged Di Maria was leaving the pitch. The goalkeeper did not have much work and how little we had to intervene as did more than well. Real Madrid barely noticed the numerical difference, not least in the game and the passing of meeting each other physically as his players have noticed.

The meeting became a correcalles where both teams played to hit the base against counterattacks, but Madrid is skilled in this field and manage Espanyol did not know the advantage of playing with one more leaving many spaces that were well exploited by Real Madrid. The white team did not mind losing possession to a naive Espanyol who was barely bite in attack despite the great game of Alley, player that grows year after year, and Javier Márquez good work in midfield. In areas where the games are decided, and the whole team Espanyol lost after the transfer of Victor Ruiz and Didac defenses and the injury of striker Osvaldo.

Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo were the best white team. The Brazilian captain after the expulsion of the substitution Iker and Sergio Ramos, was well on defense and dangerous in attack. However, his was the goal of the game in the first half after a shot that Kameni should never miss the post. Good match for Cameroon, but the only error that had cost a bit. Cristiano Ronaldo was the one who bore the brunt of the attack in a return match seemed made to order, on the contrary that Özil, who missed a game with the minimum break. Adebayor was the front holder and played a good game but was erratic in the definition, who reminds me of this?

In the last ten minutes, the Togolese, who is very active throughout the match, had two opportunities to convict, but Kameni won the game in both. The first time I had crashed a Vaseline on the bar. Then came the final whistle and Real Madrid became the third team assaults the fort Espanyol Cornellá before a young, well built, but undermined by low above that can weigh to preserve the European markets. Madrid now have a few days off until it no Champions dispute within eight days, but soon will have a new league final as the fifteen that remain to try to hunt to Barcelona.

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