Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Adebayor believes that Real Madrid is favorite for the Champions

Emmanuel Adebayor beats Real Madrid fans based on goals, good performances and comments like the one below. Togolese striker for Real Madrid is the favorite to win the Champions League.

"My favorite to win the Champions League is the Madrid" said the striker who has less than a month at the club. The Togolese team reviewed today and left no issue out, and when said that Cesc, who defined it as a great friend, would be a great boost for the team. "It's a great player, a great person. If you come to Madrid, I would be very happy, "said Adebayor on Cesc.

Also said he believes that Arsenal have more chance of winning in the meeting tonight as Barcelona and hope so because he has played in the ranks of all gunner.

Finally, Adebayor handed praise for an idol of the club, Raul, has recently been acclaimed as the top scorer in European competitions. "It's football history. When I was in Monaco, I asked a T-Raul Morientes. I have it signed in my house in Togo. "

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